About David-SF

I am 100% interactive, totally connected & lots of fun. I care deeply about my work.  
  I’ve cultivated an honorable reputation over the years.

I am well known for going from fine dining to hot erotic play easily.

I love working with men of all shapes sizes & various walks of life.

I try to stay useful, helpful and see the world with my eyes wide open.

I hope you will get in touch and let’s find out what we are good at together.

Cheers, David-SF

Safety Practices: 

I follow the current science passionately.

I am highly proactive about my sexual health. I am tested monthly for all STI’s.

I believe in the absolute effectiveness in preventative medication such as PrEP/PEP/DoxyPrEP/ARV’s

Useful links for your empowerment. 

PrEP Info from the CDC


Covid19 info

Please be fully vaccinated for Covid19

If there is some rare circumstance that prevents you from being vaccinated please reach out. 



$250 hr. 

$1000 overnights

$2800 Weekend rate Friday -sunday

Available for travel worldwide.

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“The first time I hired David, I was there for sex and expected nothing more. I had no idea that an escort could be so much more than a phenomenal sex partner. Little did I know that an escort could be a mentor, a role model, a good listener, a teacher, a coach, and oh so much more. David has shown me that I was wrong. He has shown me that an escort can nurture, can provide direction, can be an advisor and can show concern, care and compassion for a client.”


“All the other information is irrelevant. David is a healer. I thank God for his coming into my life. I would keep him close if I could. The past 9 years have seen me have 10 surgeries, a rotten relationship, and, in my last illness, I was in a coma for 2 months. I came to consciousness with my right side paralyzed. I worked hard to regain control of my my body. As part of my healing David found me. I was very self conscious of how I looked with scars and a wilted leg. That did not bother him. He look me and made love to me…”


“He knows how to read his partner and understand who they are. I am the Marine vet and ironman that is my handle. And that means I am used to being the dominant one. David patiently took charge and told me how to relax and trust him. And I did. And what followed was more than I expected. It was more than hot sex. It was a connection between two men who understood each other. And that connection was more than physically intimate. David is more than a handsome man with a sparkling way. He is so articulate and knowledgeable about many things…”



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