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I am 100% interactive, totally connected & lots of fun. 

I care about my work. This industry is filled with talented and incredible men.
I was never given a book on how to do this work.
Which makes me feel fortunate & grateful for the men that have led the way.

I am well known for going from fine dining to pig in just under 30 seconds.
I try to stay useful, helpful and see the world with my eyes wide open.
I have been told I am skilled in the bedroom and at the dinner table.
I hope you will get in touch and let’s find out what we are good at together.

Cheers, David

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“The first time I hired David, I was there for sex and expected nothing more. I had no idea that an escort could be so much more than a phenomenal sex partner. Little did I know that an escort could be a mentor, a role model, a good listener, a teacher, a coach, and oh so much more. David has shown me that I was wrong. He has shown me that an escort can nurture, can provide direction, can be an advisor and can show concern, care and compassion for a client.”

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“All the other information is irrelevant. David is a healer. I thank God for his coming into my life. I would keep him close if I could. The past 9 years have seen me have 10 surgeries, a rotten relationship, and, in my last illness, I was in a coma for 2 months. I came to consciousness with my right side paralyzed. I worked hard to regain control of my my body. As part of my healing David found me. I was very self conscious of how I looked with scars and a wilted leg. That did not bother him. He look me and made love to me…”

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“He knows how to read his partner and understand who they are. I am the Marine vet and ironman that is my handle. And that means I am used to being the dominant one. David patiently took charge and told me how to relax and trust him. And I did. And what followed was more than I expected. It was more than hot sex. It was a connection between two men who understood each other. And that connection was more than physically intimate. David is more than a handsome man with a sparkling way. He is so articulate and knowledgeable about many things…”

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